G.G's Italian Sausage Soup

This is a hearty twist on veggie soup with all the nutrients you need including protein and healthy carbohydrates for a well balanced full meal per serving.

1/2lb Chicken Apple or Italian Sausage casing removed

2 Cloves Garlic

1 Onion Chopped

1 Cup Chopped Red or Green Pepper

1 19oz Can Tomatoes or Fresh Roma Tomatoes Chopped

3cubes OXO Beef or3Tbsp Liquid Bouillon

1 Bay Leaf

1 Zucchini Diced

1 1/2 Cups Small Shell Pasta - Quinoa of GF Pasta

1/2 tsp Basil

1/2 Oregano

4 Cups Water

1/2tsp coarse Salt

In a large sauce pan brown sausage, garlic, onion and peppers. Drain fat. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover to simmer for 10-15min.



Peanut Butter Honey Granola Bars

Here is a recipe for an easy on the go snack that is gluten free and made to keep hunger at bay in a good way! And there's no baking involved.

I always try to take food with me when on the go and these bars are great to pair with an apple or just on their own in a pinch.

1 cup Peanut Butter or nut butter of choice

1 cup Honey

2 cups Gluten Free Quick Oats

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 cup Trail Mix or Chopped Nuts

.5 cup Chocolate Chips (optional)

In a sauce pan or double boiler mix & melt the honey and peanut butter until smooth

Ad Oats until well mixed

Ad Cinnamon and follow with trail mix or nuts

Line a square pan with parchment paper and move the mixture to the pan pressing until flat and even. Top with additional chocolate chips and refrigerate for 15-20 min until hardened.



Prosciutto & Roasted Red Pepper Goat Cheese Flat Bread

This family friendly recipe brings some Italian flare with Prosciutto & roasted red pepper for a dish that is full of flavor and perfect to share

1 Chia Flatbread Wrap

2 TBS Organic Marinara Sauce

Prosciutto 4 slices

30g Goat Cheese

3 oz Roasted or Grilled Red Pepper

50g Caramelized Onion

1/2 Cup Spinach

Start with the sauce and layer the delicious ingredients one by one until its done & bake at 350ø for 20 min or until as crispy as desired

GiGi's Low Fat Chili

This month we are featuring some favorite recipes from the influential ladies in my life. This one comes from my Step Mother and is sure to be a family fave as it works well for advanced meal prepping for delicious and nutritious lunches and dinner options for the family on the go! 


2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Baked & Shredded Or Protein of choice - Set aside

Chop 1 Med Sweet Onion & 1-2 Peppers of Choice

 2 Crushed Garlic Cloves and Saute together in Dutch Oven or large Soup Pot until desired tenderness

Ad 1 Cup Kernel Corn

1 Can of each Black and Kidney beans rinsed and drained

1 Can Large Stewed Tomatoes

1/2 cup water

Chili Powder

1Tps Cumin

2tsp oregano

Black Pepper

 Salt to taste

Bring to boil over medium high heat

Ad Shredded Chicken to base liquid with 1/4 Cup Bacon Bits

Simmer on low for 20min and serve as desired with Avocado Salsa & Crumbled Tortilla

Serves 8


Stuft Peppers

I love to use the foods I've prepped for the week, usually some chicken, quinoa and chopped veggies, to make a whole new dish so last week I tried my Favorite Stuffed Peppers again and I'm so glad I did. Here is the recipe I use! It's an easy way to use up left overs and keep the excitement in the kitchen!

1 lb Cooked ground Chicken with sauteed Veg

1 Cup Cooked Apple Quinoa

Dice Pepper Tops

Mix all of the above ingredients together and stuff into 4 Large Colored Peppers

Roast in oven 20 Min at 350 or until desired delicious roastedness:)




Chillin Chicken Crock Pot

We all know whats it's like when autumn hits and you feel like busting out the crock pot, wrapping yourself in a scarf or putting on your leg warmers under your hunter boots.

Well I've pulled out the crock pot for a season of warm meals that are not only good for the soul but also good for your health!!

Did you know that the beans in a chili are packed with protein & high in fiber both of which help the body function properly in many ways?! This dish is made up tones of special ingredients your body needs from vital nutrients.

Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin A, B's, Folate & Antioxidants, not to mention it's full of protein and has healthy sources of carbohydrates! You can't go wrong chillin with some chili on a beautiful fall evening! so here's the recipe I tried this week!



4 chicken breasts or 1lb of lean ground chicken.

a vegan option would be to leave out the chicken and ad chick peas and edamame for the added protein

3 Roma tomatoes chopped

1/2 Zucchini diced

1/2Cup Red Onion diced

1 Can mixed Lentils & Beans, rinsed & drained

½ Cup. (8 oz.) Frozen Corn

1 Tbsp Chili Powder

1 tsp Cinnamon

½ Tbsp Minced Garlic

½ tsp Turmeric

¼ tsp Cayenne

¼ tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

to taste cracked pepper

2 cups dry Brown Rice or Quinoa

8 oz. shredded cheddar

1 Avocado sliced




Add everything except ½ of the Quinoa, and the cheese,  to the slow cooker along with ¼ cup of Organic Broth (for good measure). Give everything a good stir and make sure the chicken is covered in the mixture.

Secure the lid on your slow cooker and cook on low for 4 hrs.

Near the end of the cooking time, cook the two cups of Quinoa according to the package directions.  Fluff with a fork before serving.

After 4 hours of cooking, carefully remove the lid of the slow cooker. Stir with a fork to shred the chicken. Build your serving bowls by placing quinoa on the bottom, then the Chili mix, shredded cheese or sliced avocado:)

Serve 1 Cup of Chili over 1/2 Cup Quinoa or Rice

Shake It Up!

As a health and fitness enthusiast with 10+ years experience, I often discuss the importance of eating whole natural foods and their health benefits. I explain to my friends and clients the importance of supplementing the diet with, protein, certain vitamins, minerals, probiotics, healthy fats,  why they are so important and also explain how certain ingredients can cause serious health issues!

🚫 Ingredients you can't pronounce🚫

I have had a number of supplement companies approach me about sponsorships and promotions and let me tell you I research every product and every Ingredient as if my life depends on it, because it, well, it does! But one of the brands with products that I stand by 💯% is VEGA! With a range of products that are all gluten free, dairy free, GMO free and contains all natural ingredients; these products have all of the nutrients our bodies need, they taste great and they have a product for all your different nutritional needs!

I use shakes as easy breakfasts, on the go meals and snacks, pre & post workout nutrition and I even use the protein in my baking! Check them out and feel free to ask me which product might be best for you!

Egg Muffins

    Here's a recipe for a protein packed breakfast that will be sure to get your day off on the right foot!

I love to pair these with gluten free toast with coconut oil/peanut butter and a piece of fruit. They are also great options for on the go snacks for the protein enthusiast who like to track Macros.

This meal comes Gluten Free and loaded with healthy fats, phyto-nutrients, protein and fiber! A perfect combination for a great day!

  • Preheat Oven to 375
  • Line or spray a 6 pan muffin tin
  • 12 Eggs (whites or whole)
  • 1 Cup finely chopped spinach and other select veggies
  • 2 Tbsp Salsa
  • Bacon bits :)
  • Blend or whisk together the eggs and salsa 
  • Pour mixture into muffin tins 3/4 full
  • Sprinkle with chopped veggies and other select ingredients
  • Sprinkle top with cheese
  • Bake 375 for 20min
  • Each muffin yields about 8g protein

Chick Please!!

As a professional Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach and Mommy I am always looking for new exciting ideas when it comes to feeding my clients and my family. I'm always looking for ways to keep my diet balanced with all right macro-nutrients (protein, fats, carbs & fiber) and phyton-utrients (vitamin and Minerals) and as scientific as that sounds it's actually quite satisfying.

For example did you know that Chick Peas are a super food? Now I'm not Vegan, Paleo, Ciliac or Dr Bernstein but I can tell you that I am certain that Chick Peas need to be a staple in any ones diet!

Full of fiber that lowers blood cholesterol, a great source of iron for those lacking energy, and  a perfect protein source when combined with a leafy green or whole grain, these Legumes are Super CHICKS! Coming in Low Glycemic, they control insulin responses and produce the right gut flora for ultimate absorption of their nutrients;  Providing everything you need to feel satisfied... and if you watch "Sex In The City" you'll know they promote hormone production:)

That being said they are versatile too! Some recipes that include Chick Peas in my monthly meal plans include;

Home Made Chickpea Salsa


Seasoned Crunchy Snacks

 Salad Toppers

Quinoa Chickpea Salad

Waffle Pro

Protein Waffles are Pancakes with abs!  After all abs are made in the kitchen!

Here is my favorite go to recipe for high protein waffles or pancakes.

Blend together;

1 Cup Wheat Free Quick Oats

2 Whole Eggs

1 Scoop Vanilla Pro Powder

.5 or 1 Banana

1- 1.5 Tbs Apples or Apple Sauce

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Maple Syrup

1 tsp Baking Soda

Pour batter on to pan making 6 pancakes or into Waffle Press.

4 min/side

I also use this recipe for the Banana Blueberry Muffins 6 large or 24 mini

Toppings can be Greek Yogurt and Fresh Berries or Peanut Butter and Sliced Banana!

Enjoy and share