1 Inch at a time

If you could lose 1 inch or 1lb just by changing one habit, what would that habit be? Could you make a positive impact on your own well being by simply;

Drinking more water?
Having a cup of green tea in place of a coffee?
Working out for 5 extra minutes a day?
Lifting 5lbs heavier at the gym?
Limiting salt intake?
Taking your vitamins and minerals consistently
Eating more vegetables?
Eating more protein?
Taking the stairs everyday?
Cut out night snacking?

What if I told you that you could loose 10lbs by making these 10 changes every week for the next 10 weeks? How soon would you start on this list?

Create a Healthy Work Life Balance


 What I am asking you to do TODAY is to put some importance on your own goals and aspirations!

    Gone should be the days where you come home from working for (The Boss) and are too tired to do anything for your own benefit; Too tired to cook, too tired to exercise, heck too tired to read a good book.. Gone should be the days when you feel Rushed* I want you to start looking forward to the hours outside of work. Look forward to the extra hours you can really LIVE the life you are working so hard to provide for.

    To be fair, when you are at work; give it your all, do what you are good at and make it count. Bank that money you work so hard for, sure, but also remember that creating a healthy balance between work life and personal life is just as important. Put importance on spending time alone, with loved ones and on spending time doing what you really love. Yes, whether that is number crunching or muscle crunching then do it for YOU. Build the quality of YOUR life up when your not too busy doing it for someone else!