Curls For The Girls

Curls for the biceps...Bicep Femoris that is... What's the first thing that comes to mind when you want to grow your biceps? Curls right?! We'll just like the highly sought after flex till you're famous muscle, the legs have biceps too. Called the Bicep Femoris (long head & short head) in the "hamstring" So if you want those to grow & show just like your arms, try to incorporate Curls to build strength, stability and symmetry in the legs!

Steady State Cardio vs. HIIT

I have recently been asked what I think the best form of cardio training is for muscle sparing fat loss, and I agree with many coaches who say that high intensity training is optimal for muscle sparing cardio and I can explain why.

When doing steady state cardio in a fat burning zone there is less muscle activation.. Fat burning zones are basically just calorie burners which you can do in your sleep (literally).. High Intensity Training activates many more systems in the body including fast twitch muscle fibers (used for speed & agility) that are often over looked and stabilizer muscles for agility. Not to mention the heart and lung (cardio) activation. All of these things burn calories at a higher rate which is optimal for fat loss. They also develop muscles in the process. Now there are some days I just want to do steady state cardio and there’s nothing wrong with that. Going for a walk, bike ride or a light sweat session on the elliptical are good for overall health and happiness.  But when in the mood for a fat blast, I do more functional HIIT training that include sprints, box jumps,  mountain climbers, burpees & battle ropes!

This weeks Feature Workout can be done in your own home or gym. Do 10 Reps of each move for 2-3 circuits. Let me know if you can spot the HIIT moves!

Lean On Me Legs!

We all know whats it's like to want strong and lean legs at the same time.. But it seems like a conundrum, right? Well here is a workout we did that involves all the components for those two things to come together for Beautiful, Strong, Stems.

This workout is a killer when it comes to firing on all cylinders by using the Stabilizers, Slow Twitch & Bulk Load Muscles. By incorporating moves that fire the stabilizers with a lighter weight, high rep range, as well as moves that use the compound movements of the slow twitch muscles under heavier load, you WILL achieve the Lean & Strong look!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Warm Up Cardio 5-15 min

What we have here are 4 moves we did using the load formula above, Super Setting each two moves for 4 sets.

SS 1

Barbell Squats with 60lbs for 15 reps

Split Squats 30lbs for 30 reps or 15/leg


SS 2

Hip Thrusts off bench 60lbs for 15 reps

Walking Lunges 50lbs for 30 reps/steps


Finish with Abs and additional Cardio




Legs and Back Attack

Here is a great workout to do when you need to fill some gaps in your program,  focus on some weak points or tone up those little muscles that might have been missed all week. This workout is great for the legs and back paying special attention to the deltoids muscles for a full rounded shoulder look; great for tank top arms, upper body strength and leg toning. This workout is also great for those who tend to sit a desk most of the day. Training the back & leg muscles will improve posture, imbalances, metabolism and fat burning ability while sitting.

Most moves done here were at the gym with machines or barbells.

15min Warm Up Walk on Treadmill and Step Mill (Stair Master)

SS 3x
12  Smith or Barbell Squats
12  Barbell Chest Press
SS 3x
25-30 Walking Lunges w/Barbell
15 Seated Machine Rear Delt Row
SS 3x
30 Calf Raises on Step
10-12 Seated Rear Delt Fly Machine
SS 3x
5 Stair Runs
15 Standing High Lat Pull (Pictured)

Finish off with some abs and extra cardio


Monday Moves

Side Plank Rotations

This move focuses on the strength & balance of the core and full upper body!

Performed for 10-20 rotations per side

Beginner: Start with your legs stacked a few inches apart and your hand on the ground for more stability

Moderate to Advanced: Change the elevation and stability of your body by adding a Bosu Ball

Frightening Full Body Halloween Workout

Here's a workout that'll get you into your sexy Halloween costume in no time!

Start with a warm up of 5min on a cardio machine or stairs.

Do each Super Set 3 times before moving on

SS 1

20 Squats

10 shoulder press

3 stair runs

SS 2

20 Deadlifts

Sprints 30sec- 2 min

SS 3

10 Bicep Curls

20 Triceps Extensions

Stairs 3 times

SS 4

20 Reverse Lunges

10 Shoulder Flyes

Elliptical Sprints 2min

SS 5

15 Leg Extensions

10 Feet Elevated Dips

2 min Incline Walk on Treadmill






The Booty Zone

Our Leg workout today was not for the weak of heart but we did love it!

15min incline walking on treadmill before and after workout

3x SS
20 Bosu Speed Squat with
20 Bosu Elevated Reverse Lunges
3x SS
20 Box Jumps
5 Stair Runs
20 Elevated Pliet Squats
10 Leg Extension
20 Leg Kick Backs (cable donkey kicks)
20 Bosu Side Squats with Leg Lifts

405 moves plus 4500 steps!

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Amp Up Your Walk In The Park

Try this fun routine the next time you take a run in the park on a sunny day.

Warm Up walk and jog for 5min
 at the 1st bench you get to do 10-15 of each exercise and then move on:

Bench Push Ups
Bench Step Ups
Bench Squats
Bench Dips
Bench Crunches

Run to the next bench along the path and repeat for 5 benches
Finish with a 5 min cool down and 5 min stretch