Steady State Cardio vs. HIIT

I have recently been asked what I think the best form of cardio training is for muscle sparing fat loss, and I agree with many coaches who say that high intensity training is optimal for muscle sparing cardio and I can explain why.

When doing steady state cardio in a fat burning zone there is less muscle activation.. Fat burning zones are basically just calorie burners which you can do in your sleep (literally).. High Intensity Training activates many more systems in the body including fast twitch muscle fibers (used for speed & agility) that are often over looked and stabilizer muscles for agility. Not to mention the heart and lung (cardio) activation. All of these things burn calories at a higher rate which is optimal for fat loss. They also develop muscles in the process. Now there are some days I just want to do steady state cardio and there‚Äôs nothing wrong with that. Going for a walk, bike ride or a light sweat session on the elliptical are good for overall health and happiness.  But when in the mood for a fat blast, I do more functional HIIT training that include sprints, box jumps,  mountain climbers, burpees & battle ropes!

This weeks Feature Workout can be done in your own home or gym. Do 10 Reps of each move for 2-3 circuits. Let me know if you can spot the HIIT moves!