Lean On Me Legs!

We all know whats it's like to want strong and lean legs at the same time.. But it seems like a conundrum, right? Well here is a workout we did that involves all the components for those two things to come together for Beautiful, Strong, Stems.

This workout is a killer when it comes to firing on all cylinders by using the Stabilizers, Slow Twitch & Bulk Load Muscles. By incorporating moves that fire the stabilizers with a lighter weight, high rep range, as well as moves that use the compound movements of the slow twitch muscles under heavier load, you WILL achieve the Lean & Strong look!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Warm Up Cardio 5-15 min

What we have here are 4 moves we did using the load formula above, Super Setting each two moves for 4 sets.

SS 1

Barbell Squats with 60lbs for 15 reps

Split Squats 30lbs for 30 reps or 15/leg


SS 2

Hip Thrusts off bench 60lbs for 15 reps

Walking Lunges 50lbs for 30 reps/steps


Finish with Abs and additional Cardio