Shake It Up!

As a health and fitness enthusiast with 10+ years experience, I often discuss the importance of eating whole natural foods and their health benefits. I explain to my friends and clients the importance of supplementing the diet with, protein, certain vitamins, minerals, probiotics, healthy fats,  why they are so important and also explain how certain ingredients can cause serious health issues!

🚫 Ingredients you can't pronounce🚫

I have had a number of supplement companies approach me about sponsorships and promotions and let me tell you I research every product and every Ingredient as if my life depends on it, because it, well, it does! But one of the brands with products that I stand by 💯% is VEGA! With a range of products that are all gluten free, dairy free, GMO free and contains all natural ingredients; these products have all of the nutrients our bodies need, they taste great and they have a product for all your different nutritional needs!

I use shakes as easy breakfasts, on the go meals and snacks, pre & post workout nutrition and I even use the protein in my baking! Check them out and feel free to ask me which product might be best for you!