Legs and Back Attack

Here is a great workout to do when you need to fill some gaps in your program,  focus on some weak points or tone up those little muscles that might have been missed all week. This workout is great for the legs and back paying special attention to the deltoids muscles for a full rounded shoulder look; great for tank top arms, upper body strength and leg toning. This workout is also great for those who tend to sit a desk most of the day. Training the back & leg muscles will improve posture, imbalances, metabolism and fat burning ability while sitting.

Most moves done here were at the gym with machines or barbells.

15min Warm Up Walk on Treadmill and Step Mill (Stair Master)

SS 3x
12  Smith or Barbell Squats
12  Barbell Chest Press
SS 3x
25-30 Walking Lunges w/Barbell
15 Seated Machine Rear Delt Row
SS 3x
30 Calf Raises on Step
10-12 Seated Rear Delt Fly Machine
SS 3x
5 Stair Runs
15 Standing High Lat Pull (Pictured)

Finish off with some abs and extra cardio